Dentures in San Leandro, CA

Dentures in San Leandro, CA

A denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth. Dentures can be complete or partial. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Dentures not only improve your smile, but they also restore your ability to chew and speak properly. Dentures can also improve the look of your facial profile.

What Is A Denture?

A denture is a prosthetic device designed to replace your missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two main types of dentures available, including partial and complete. If you only need to replace a few teeth, then a partial denture may be the best option for you. Whereas, if you are missing all of the teeth along the upper or lower jaw, then a complete denture would be recommended.

How Are Dentures Made?

Your dentist will make an impression of your mouth and teeth to send to a lab. The lab will create your denture based on this impression. Most patients can return to normal activities the same day after getting a new set of dentures.

Patients typically receive new dentures when they lose all of their natural teeth, but partial dentures are also available. In some cases, the patient may only need to get their upper or lower arch replaced, for which a partial denture may be recommended.

Depending on your situation and the extent of tooth loss you have experienced, your dentist may recommend implant-supported dentures. Rather than just resting on the gums like traditional dentures, these dentures are secured into place using dental implants placed in the patient’s mouth. This gives greater stability as well as a more natural look compared to traditional dentures.

Are Dentures Right For You?

Dental implants are a popular option for patients seeking to replace missing teeth, and many patients choose to have them placed in conjunction with their dentures. However, not every denture patient is a candidate for dental implants. For these patients, traditional dentures may be a better option for their smile restoration. For example, patients who do not qualify for implants due to bone atrophy in their jaws after tooth loss will benefit from dentures, the most economical option available. 

Dentures can also be beneficial to patients who may not have enough bone mass to support an implant. The dentures can help maintain the structural integrity of the face as the jaw begins to heal from the loss of the teeth. It provides an option for patients with bone loss who are not yet ready for more extensive treatment. Additionally, dentures can be used to treat patients with oral cancer who cannot undergo other treatments, such as reconstructive surgery. 

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